Entranced by its beautiful melodies that soothed my mind and calmed my spirit, I held my belly. Smiling. Swaying. Crying. Contemplating. I cried some more as my relationship with her father fell apart. There were three other women I learned about while carrying her. It was over, and I knew I could only save Anhsi, as best I could.  

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A few days later, I saw the same little red guy appear in my newsfeed. This time it was a different post, captioned “Yk Osiris Is Up Nxt Mark My Words.” He was getting some clout for sure… and calling my name to write this review.

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F-ck Dat N-gga

The beat is just about the only thing I like about the song – this and somewhat of their attitude. For the beat, the group samples/mixes Khia’s song “My Neck, My Back.” Now, let it be known, I was all for “lick it now, lick it good” when it came out, and I enjoyed hearing it again, but…

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More Than Music

I once heard Al Green say love can make you do right or it can make you do wrong.  You’ve probably heard these words too in his renowned and timeless song, “Love and Happiness.” Of all of the expressions in this golden oldie, I never forgot what that one meant.

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B-tch I Made It

Gucci Mane (who, may I add, has come out of jail ignited in flames) is bringing himself and his team “all the way up.” Soon, you’ll be hearing a banger that features him on it that is by debut rapper Black Bag LA, and they are raising the bar yet another level.

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O.Z. raps about a couple of things that had me like “what did this negro just say?” Lol.  Take for instance when he spits…

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Jesus Coming

It’s one of those “immerse yourself deeply in it” kinda songs.  It discusses three huge issues in the black community concerning crime, peer-pressure, and war. After listening to each verse, we are left with the ultimate question of whether any of it is worth your life?  

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