Bodak Yellow

Two things first. I’d only heard the title of the track before I decided to check it out. Just from hearing “Bodak Yellow” alone, I wondered “wtf is that” and whether it was a joke directed towards rap artist Kodak Black.

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Entranced by its beautiful melodies that soothed my mind and calmed my spirit, I held my belly. Smiling. Swaying. Crying. Contemplating. I cried some more as my relationship with her father fell apart. There were three other women I learned about while carrying her. It was over, and I knew I could only save Anhsi, as best I could.  

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I Know

“I Know” pays homage to all of the know-it-alls in the world, as well as the people who do backward ass sh-t or are indecisive about their next step, but at the same time, believe they have all the answers to life.

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Dance With Me

First off… it is a must that you play this jam at your next party or pregamer.  An instant crowd-mover, and wise for DJs to spin too, “Dance With Me” is a feel-good song that sets the tone for a full night of fun to begin. Including a ganster-ish feel to it, the song is also masterfully rhythmic and appropriate for everyone from college elites to hood hustlas to enjoy.

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Women have tons of skills in the bedroom – and elsewhere, and Y$K says these n-ggas wanna know how we do it. In his incredibly tasteful jam, “Mami,” he raps over a young-feeling instrumental accompanied with finger-snaps you can groove to asking how his target-mami has guys all on her, bank, and juice in her tank…

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Drew Barrymore

“I get so lonely, I forget what I’m worth.” – Damn AND whoa! This eye-opening line comes with full power. SZA is honest about how she’s devalued herself and describes the soul-eating feeling we can have for attention when no one is there to love us.

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Nice & Slow

BallGreezy is known for his classy, yet sexually straightforward music. It’s very smooth, but doesn’t waste time calling forth the shones …

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