Summer is upon us, and with summer, comes a lot of bare skin. Coincidentally, a trend of twerk songs also comes. This isn’t one.

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Hit It

We’re taking a look at Trap Beckham’s newly released “Hit It,” which features Trina, Tokyo Jetz, and DJ Diggem. It’s seemingly set up to be another 2019 summer twerk song and is right on time. But, the question at hand today is, do we really need another one?

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Show Me Your Soul

Netre – the name she’ll make big, had a unique, alluring, and delicate voice – while at the same time having one that is strong, forceful, and distinct. It was the most peculiar, pleasant combination, I’d heard of the night.

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Smile B-tch

Just about everyone in Jacksonville, Florida, knows what time it is when they hear “we gone start this thing off righttt, Duval in the motherfuckin’ house — c’mon, c’mon.”

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