O.Z. raps about a couple of things that had me like “what did this negro just say?” Lol.  Take for instance when he spits…

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Jesus Coming

It’s one of those “immerse yourself deeply in it” kinda songs.  It discusses three huge issues in the black community concerning crime, peer-pressure, and war. After listening to each verse, we are left with the ultimate question of whether any of it is worth your life?  

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On the prototype, T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye sing about the “22nd of loneliness” and women cheating on their cheating partners. Bellinger however, flips it in his song – and does it the right way.

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“I don’t wanna be alive, I just wanna die today,” made up the first words of the chorus. Mind blown, these lyrics grabbed my undivided attention and I created complete silence around myself to not miss a word of the rest of them.

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His guiding words are these: “let’s get back to real music, real feelings, real chemistry.” –Jacksonville, Florida recording artist, NOVA, speaks them and hits the mark to fulfill them in his new song, “Muziq.” He takes us back to the period when men courting women was cherished and chivalry was a thing.

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Text Ur Number

If I start with honesty, I do not really like the song, as a whole. However, that’s okay. I’m a little bit older and don’t always have an ear for this type of sound. Be this as it may, there are parts that I do like…

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Bubbas Prayer  

Completely contrary to the mood established in the intro, the chorus and succeeding verses are full of outright power and confidence. You hear a super swagged-out flow by THE TIE DYE INTELLECT, the self-assurance of a grown-ass man, and a beat ablaze. The completeness and force of the song surprise me – because they’re that damn good.   

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