I Know

Artist: MC Musicck

Song: I Know

Album: A Lil Peace

Florida rapper MC Musicck emerges on the scene this month after releasing his debut project on July 3. A Lil Peace features 11 tracks that will make you think deeper about life and go beyond the surface of what you’re used to discerning. For my review, I selected his song “I Know” to discuss. Here is what I have to say…

An evoking question to women and an oxymoron in the song is what directed me to pay attention to it. “What is rapper MC Musicck saying,” I thought? “Is he getting smart with women?” I had to pause and listen to his lyricism. To my surprise, he poses a great question to a young lady who seems to know it all.

He raps, “like we have a conversation, I’m just startin’ my premise, you telling me you know before I even finish the sentence, I’m like, b-tch, how you know when the wind gone blow today?”

Immediately after these lines, I thought, “what a clever (perceivably rude to some) way to make the point that some women jump to conclusions before they allow a man to express a complete thought. Using his art as a way to communicate, MC Musicck insinuates to listen first, and then respond. It’s only fair, ladies.

All in all, “I Know” pays homage to all of the know-it-alls in the world, as well as the people who do backward ass sh-t or are indecisive about their next step, but at the same time, believe they have all the answers to life. His first and second verse effectively address them all and reveal their hypocrisy. I like the message conveyed.

Just as enjoyable as the message delivered is the instrumental. It is soothing and sedative – much like the sounds you hear in Lil Wayne’s “Comfortable,” “Receipt,” and “Earthquake.” Put the music on and let it take you away.

This is how the song ends. MC Musicck escapes the phoniness around him and carries on.

JustOneThing: There’s always Just One Thing I have to say at the completion of my reviews. For this one, I would have loved to hear sharper vocals on the production side of things. I know with the right team, support, and equipment, the sound can be flawless.

Curious To Know?:  MC Musicck, who are the people you had in mind when writing this song?

Hear Song


3 thoughts on “I Know

    1. Thank you Adrienne for taking the time to stop by my blog and read. Appreciate your kinds words, and you can click “Hear Song” at the end of the review to listen to it.


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