Dance With Me

Artist: RJ

Song: Dance With Me Feat. Dom Kennedy

Album: O.M.M.I.O. 2

A part of the 400 Summers record label, rapper RJ keeps his grind moving. This May, he released his latest project titled Mr. L.A. that features popular artists such as YG, Quavo, ScHoolboy Q, Ty Dolla Sign and other guests. Also in his repertoire of hit projects is his mixtape trilogy O.M.M.I.O. – one that caught my attention. I pulled from his sequel album, O.M.M.I.O. 2 for today’s review and critiqued his song “Dance With Me,” featuring Dom Kennedy. Let’s get into what I thought about it.

First off… it is a must that you play this jam at your next party or pregamer.  An instant crowd-mover, and wise for DJs to spin too, “Dance With Me” is a feel-good song that sets the tone for a full night of fun to begin. Including a ganster-ish feel to it, the song is also masterfully rhythmic and appropriate for everyone from college elites to hood hustlas to enjoy.  This banger will bring out the fractionally ratchet person you hide inside and remind you where you came from. Just one time, take it back for the crowd.

The good news: It’s not one of those songs that get your rowdy and ready to fight.  It’s for the bros to roll up to a joint and find “a lot of honeys in the spot.” Dance with him girl – is what you’ll probably be asked as a woman when one of them steps to you.

I love, love, love the vibe that “Dance With Me” creates. At the start of the song, I was immediately drawn in by the LA-ish sounding beat. All I wanted to do was get to a chilled party to move my hips.  Artists, RJ and Dom faultlessly create a tune complimentary to the song title. I am ready to dance.

Rhythmically, their flows are right in line. Dom Kennedy raps the hook in a confident, deep voice that’ll get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor. RJ verses are artfully rapped in a fast-paced tempo you can twerk to. When the beat drops – wherever you are – get ready to clap, Crip-walk, booty-shake, shimmy, or something. Just remember to enjoy yourself.

Perfect for a  nightclub environment, Dance With Me can be appreciated everywhere from the West Coast to the East. Good luck to the artists as they rise.

JustOneThing: Can I get one more verse RJ? The song is so likable that it seems to end in two minutes. However, it’s really 3:06. With a four-minute song though, I can get out all of my dance moves. I know that the general and target audience’s attention span is shorter than mine, so I’ve made peace with knowing this isn’t going to happen. Pound to all of the 80’s babies.

Curious To Know?:  What kinda lifestyle do you live? The lyrics are explicit and have me wondering.

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