Artist: Y$K

Song: Mami

Album: I.T.H.O.G.O

Y$K, a young rapper in Van Nuys, California, is currently on his journey to success. Set to excel, he creates fresh-sounding music that can impact the rap industry and young people everywhere. So far, he has linked up with a variety of other artists in Los Angeles such as MB Salone and STEP CHILE to creatively stay ahead of the curve he faces. Today, I am critiquing his song, “Mami.” It demonstrates the attention he pays to detail, his ability to adapt to any style of music, and his drive to stay on top. Let’s get into it.

Women have tons of skills in the bedroom – and elsewhere, and Y$K says these n-ggas wanna know how we do it. In his sensual and laidback jam, “Mami,” he raps over a young-feeling instrumental accompanied with finger-snaps you can groove to asking how his target-mami has guys all on her, bank, and juice in her tank.

The song’s hook establishes that he’s known her for years. He conveys the girl’s sex appeal and their history and then flips the viewpoint. He lets it be known that he is attractive too with things to offer her. I like the confidence he shows here, as well as the fact that he can match hers. He’ll need it for what’s next.

Listening to Y$K’s first verse puts me in his bedroom (figuratively!). He’s gotten his interest to casually go back to his crib. Setting the background for new-age, young lust, he raps about having her in his own way now. Whether on the bed, couch, or the flo’ with it, they are about to get it in.

Perfect for high-energy intimacy, the chorus encourages listeners to “werk.” It’s time to demonstrate all that you know and do it well! — His mami will have no problem putting it down. She’s self-assured, and no one controls her.

The song nears its end, and the beat and vocal work get sexier. There are effects added that slow down the feel of the song, letting me know that it’s time to stop listening and perhaps find my boyfriend.

In total, “Mami” is one of the classier songs I’ve heard in conjunction with the topic. The percussion instruments are also on-point, as well as of his flow. The message is cool too, as long as we add ten years to their ages, of course :). I recommend music lovers everywhere play the record this summer, and enjoy the fun that follows.

JustOneThing: Y$K is appealing as an artist and will have tons of followers. As he garners more popularity, I’d enjoy seeing him discuss serious relationships that last. I think it’s important to place a value on long-term partnerships and marriages.

Curious To Know?:  Y$K, is the girl in the song someone you know or is she made up?

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