Nice & Slow

Artist: BallGreezy

Song: Nice & Slow Feat. Lil Dred

Album: BaeDay

BallGreezy is known for his classy, yet sexually straightforward music. It’s very smooth, but doesn’t waste time calling forth the shones (h-oes) he’s looking for or the waiter he needs a bottle from. After listening to his catalog of music, you’ll know you can either jook with him, suck him off till all of it’s gone, or spend a lick to have a lil fun. For the haters, none it concerns you.

BallGreezy reintroduces his signature sound in Nice & Slow – a classic Florida tune that features Lil Dred. It pleasantly sets the tone for every two-step dancer you know or person trying to be like Marvin Gaye and get it on. For the jam or chill session that’s about to ensue, you’re going to hear fresh, upbeat melodies that work perfectly together to create a succinct finished instrumental correlative to the song’s title. Whether you move nice or like it slow, count on this jam to get you right.

Critique of Hook & Lyricism (Otherwise, skip to JustOneThing)

Nice & Slow encompasses rhythmic handclaps/taps and keys that create a mind-stroking beat perfect for any cerebral music listener. As a personal fan of mental stimulation, I really appreciate the inclusion of the key instruments. They add an even smoother element to the song for the cool ass n-gga in any one of us. Prepare to show off your latest-learned dance move or just kick back.


BallGreezy’s xylophone-accompanied chorus is amazingly catchy and fully brings together the theme of the song. From beginning to end, the lyrics, pace, and effects are put together thoughtfully. He and his team do a great job at creating a cogent, melodic riff.


BallGreezy’s lyrics bring to mind the plethora of sexing that takes place all summer and after. He starts with laying out his physical attraction to a woman and describes his fondness of her look. Right off the bat, it’s clear he has sex in mind (is it never?). This is cool if the woman is about this life too. There will be perks that come with it. BallGreezy lets her know that he is going to treat her well and has the ability to ensure she is good. Why not give it a try?

In the next couple of verses, we learn that this woman is someone he has a history with. This makes it even better – it’s not just some random person. Now that what he wants is on the table, he clears out all the haters that may get the itch to get in his way. He let the cock-blocking men know that they’re on the same team and that “there are plenty of women for [them] all to leave with one.” To end the song faultlessly, he goes back to rapping about the task at hand – which is bussin a n-t.

Lil Dred: Lil Dred definitely uses a softer choice of words in his verse. It seems that his lyrics are in reference to a woman who is long-term bae. He establishes upfront it’s his “baby,” which is nice for those in more serious relationships.

This woman gets his time, money, and energy. They are in a secure relationship and take “baecaes” and sh-t. I like that he shows his appreciation for his boo and her backside endowment.

Lil Dred caps of his verse saying his woman can stay overnight, which is another sign that he’s more serious about her. He raps about the fun that goes on in the bedroom of this type of couple. I appreciate this inclusion of a romantic partner in the song, but check out my CuriousToKnow question.

JustOneThing: Nice & Slow has the power to draw in women who consider themselves bae and the ones who consider themselves free to smash whoever they want. In real life, men know to keep these two types of women apart when dealing with them both. For the same reasons you keep your main and temporary away from one another in reality, I would say is good reason to do so in the song and address them separately on a record of their own. Imagine what’s going to go down when wifey and the girl you keep denying are at the same party as you this summer. When Nice & Slow comes on – which pays homage to them both – will things turn into an instant brawl fest or will the chill session you’ve created carry on? How well have you mastered the game?

Curious To Know?: I am curious to know how BallGreezy and his team came to the conclusion to add Lil Dred’s verse on the song. It speaks more about a girlfriend type versus a shone, and I’d like to know the thoughts behind including both on Nice & Slow.  Any takers?

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